BALTIC HOME exhibition trasformed into a virtual experience

Baltic Home is virtual exhibition which was officially launched on Thursday, 15 October 2020 within the V. International Creative Congress DESIGN PLUS, which held in Szczecin. Baltic Home programme introducing Baltic countries design landscape and marketing possibilities including to all sectors in CCI. The concept of Baltic Home is based on the presentation of not only well-known Swedish or Danish design, but also Polish, Finnish and German. The exhibition refers to what all countries have in common, namely the theme of the sea. To fully understand the objects, they are accompanied by information from the curators of the exhibition, which will enrich the visual message.

The exhibition “Baltic Home” presents furniture and functional design by artists from the Baltic Sea. Recipients can see that the sea inspires designers in various fields.

The Baltic Home exhibition provides possibilities of unconventional presentation and creation of a customer experience, increase conversions by showing configurations using 360 rotating imagery and in the composition with products of CCIs.