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An art exhibition in the main street or at your home

Want to see the art masterpieces but do not have time or possibility to visit a gallery or museum? No problem. Just take your mobile phone, scan a QR code and here it is!

The new reality we have been living in the past two years has limited the consumption of entertainment. Fortunately, new technologies like 5G offer us ways to have fun in a whole new and unprecedented way. The technologies of the future will give our imagination and the world a new face. By combining 5G and augmented reality, we can bring the art of the past into the present with the technology of the future.

Estonian Art Museum and KUMU Art Museum together with TELIA brought the best paintings to people’s smartphones using augmented reality (AR). Anyone interested will be able to display various works of art in the environment they are currently in, whether they are on a city street, a park, a home garden or indoors, via their smartphone screen.

For a user to be able to see works of art “floating” at their location in real-time, they must scan a specific QR code with the phone’s camera. After scanning the code, the user can see how a particular painting or drawing is made digitally “tangible” on his phone screen.

To use the unique solution directly in the cityscape, special QR codes are installed in the three most visited public locations, which can be scanned by anyone interested. In addition, QR codes can be scanned, for example, from the web or social media posts, so you can enjoy the artwork right where you are.

As the Kumu Art Museum filled 102 this year, they said, that it would be very appropriate to look to the future – to all these new technical possibilities that help bring art to people. Going virtual does not mean pushing the audience out of the museum, on the contrary, the museum is looking forward to seeing more people at the Kumu Art Museum on the spot to see the works seen on the web.

The Mixd agency helped Telia and Kumu to make the exciting idea a reality.

Photo: Telia Estonia

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