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Creative Digital Transformation – Project results

After two years, the Erasmus+ KA2 project Creative Digital Transformation ends. At the conclusion of this journey, let us sum up what we have achieved so far

The project background

Creative Digital Transformation was born to respond to the challenges faced by the tourism, cultural and creative industries following the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic had a strong impact on industries in the sector, which had to stop their activities due to restrictions and saw their turnover plummet. Against this backdrop, the importance of digital technologies and virtual and hybrid formats emerged, enabling companies that adopt them to continue offering services to their audiences.

Most industry professionals, however, still lack the digital skills needed to ensure the digital transition of their business.

The aim of the Creative Digital Transformation project was to support the digital transformation of the cultural, tourism and creative industries through free training activities for professionals and managers in the sector.

Project activities

The partners collaborated in the realisation of three project outcomes.

1) A visual virtual map of good practices of digitalisation at European level

2) The two e-learning courses “Digitalisation of materials and events”

3) The Cycle of online seminars on “Creative process planning”

Project results

Over the last two years:

  • 140 successful examples of digitalisation across Europe were selected and published on the Visual Virtual Map
  • 70 professionals of the tourism, creative and cultural industries attended the pilot phase of the training courses (140 in total)
  • 7 webinars on creative process planning were created and published


And now? How the digitalisation journey continues

Although the funding period of the CDT project is over, it is still possible to be part of the Creative Digital Transformation community:

– Do you think your organisation can be a digitalisation best practice? Contact us and we will include you in our visual virtual map!

– Do you want to acquire knowledge and skills to ensure the digital transformation of your organisation? The ‘Digitalisation of materials and events’ online course materials and webinars are online and available!


The CDT team is looking forward to hearing from you!

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