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How digital technologies can help you enhance your creativity

Digital technologies can be an asset to enhance your and your team’s creativity.

How? Read the article below for some inspiration!

Digital tech : centralised and decentralised approach

A few decades ago, digital technologies favored a centralised approach: few companies owned the technology, few professionals were able to use it. Technologies were used to maintain existing hierarchies and status quo.

Today the dominant approach is rather a decentralised one: new technologies are quickly available to everyone, who can adopt and often adapt them (just think of all the open source tools).

In other words, technology has the capacity to transfer control from organisations and institutions back to individuals.

Thanks to digital technologies, people can:

  • Express themselves: through social media, everyone can express his/her own interests and talents
  • Share and interact: Through online communities not only people can communicate with other users with the same interests, but companies can have a direct relationship with their customers (i.e. Tripadvisor). This allows companies to have a direct and constant feedback and to be closer to their community.

In some cases, the same community of customers/users is called to give ideas to companies through Open Innovation processes: this is the case of Lego, which offers its community the opportunity to create new designs, which, if selected, become part of the company’s portfolio.

  • Collaborate: More and more companies are using online tools to promote collaboration between team members who are not physically present in the same office.

Digital tools to enhance your creativity:

The CDT team has selected 5 digital tools to enhance your and your team’s creativity

1) Brainsparker is a free-app that is able to simulate a brainstorming session. The app shows to the user up to 200 brainstorming cards that are full of thought-provoking words, phrases, and questions. This enables mind wandering and fosters creative thinking

2) SimpleMind helps you organise your thoughts, remember information and generate new ideas. Ideal for writers, designers, project managers, teachers, or anyone else looking to mind map their ideas within minutes.

3) Unstuck is a digital tool that helps you get back on track during “stuck-in-life moments”. The app helps you with a set of thoughtful questions, targeted tips, and action-oriented tools to help you overcome what it’s blocking you.

4) Procreate Pocket is a digital art app that transforms your mobile phone into your virtual canvas. With this app, it is possible to create paintings, illustrations and animations (for iOS only)

5) Mural is an online visual collaboration app, which is very useful to foster co-creation and creative process. Mural helps teams solve problems creatively and increase engagement.

Ready to be creative through digital technologies?

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