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Newsletter 2 – Registration is open for our ‘Digitalisation of materials and events’ training modules

Do you work in the tourism, cultural and creative sector and feel you need to fine-tune your digital skills?

Registration for the Creative Digital Transformation online course “Digitalisation of materials and events” is open! This course is exactly what you need to upskill your digital knowledge and add a twist to your offer!

The cultural, creative and tourism industry is ever evolving following new trends of digitalization. This was pushed through even more by the Covid-19 Pandemic that proved the importance of offering virtual formats to enrich the offers that are already available and to develop new ones as well as updating and innovating digital infrastructures. However, sometimes it can be tough to find the right ideas or to find the right tools and information.  We are here to help! The Creative Digital Transformation team have created a free E-learning course on how to digitize your business and become a digitalisation expert.


About the course:

How can I digitize my services? How do I adapt to the demands of my audience? Which tools are available and how do I use them? The course will answer these and many more questions, providing you with concrete solutions that you can easily implement. To target your needs further, two versions of the course are available: one for managers and self-employed professionals and one for educators and cultural and tourism staff.

The self-paced course will be available between the 15th of September 15th of November 2022 and is made of 7 units. The workload for each module is around one hour. Beyond the compulsory modules 1 and 7, you will be able to pick the single units that interest you according to your needs and interests. Upon completion of 4 units in total you will receive a certification recognizing the skills that you gained. The course will be available in English, German, Italian, Romanian, Estonian and Spanish.


What you will learn:

The course will guide you through every step of the creation of your product: starting from the design, going through creation and production until the final promotion and deployment of your online and hybrid products and services. During the whole process, special attention will be paid to matching the current demand of your audience.


If you are a manager or self-employed:

You will learn how to:

  • identify new market niches for your businesses
  • create new digital products
  • organise virtual and hybrid cultural/tourism events
  • select the right tool/technology depending on the event format and your budget


If you are an educator or are part of the cultural and tourism staff:

You will learn how to:

  • virtually display physical objects with the help of digital technologies
  • organise virtual and hybrid cultural/tourism events
  • live stream your event
  • digitally engage your audience
  • create new digital products


Sounds interesting?

You can sign up for one of the courses or even both of them! You can register until the 14th of September and the course is free of charge, only 100 places are available.

If you would like to apply, all you need to do is fill in the form here: https://creativedigitaltransformation.eu/

For questions regarding the course you can always reach out to us by sending an email at: info@creativedigitaltransformation.eu

What are you waiting for? Transform your business and make it more digital!


The Creative Digital Transformation journey continues beyond the training

The Creative Digital Transformation journey is designed to support you at every step of our own digital transformation. Our ‘Visual Virtual Map of European Good Practices’ can provide inspiration through the success stories coming from all over Europe. In support of these good practices, we have explored the many examples of transformation further within the articles found in our news section.

Ever wondered…?

●     How is digital technology making it easier for culture to connect with people?

●     What are museums experimenting with right now?

●     What examples of digital tourism stand out?

●     How have festivals, conferences and exhibitions transformed online?

●     How can virtual and augmented reality be harnessed?


Digital Transformation in 3 simple steps:

  1. Dive into our ‘Visual Virtual Map of European Good Practices’ and articles to understand better how digital technology can enhance your creativity and business.
  2. Follow the ‘Digitalisation of materials and events’ training modules for personalised upskilling. Brainstorm and exchange ideas.
  3. Listen to the experts in our ‘Training Webinars’, coming up, to learn more about the creative processes and digitalisation.

We look forward to meeting you on the way!

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