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Newsletter 3 – Tick-tock, training webinars are coming to your town!

Hi all,

No matter whether you are new here or not, welcome and welcome back to all of you!

In the first stage, we provided you with the Virtual Map that includes over 100 examples of events, activities, trends, platforms and tools helping you to get inspirations with your own digital journey. Moving forward to the second stage, we launched Online Courses that help you be equipped with knowledge, skills and competences for the whole process of promoting your creative digital initiatives. If you miss them, no worries, we still have available slots for you. Go to our website at Creative Digital Transformation and check it out!

And with that, we are happy to announce our project comes to an end with the final stage of “Training Webinars” that will be available in the next coming weeks – January 2023.

What are training webinars about?

Our training webinars are developed further on the basis of the online courses. By accessing these training sessions, you can delve into specific topics that you are most interested in or in need of more training and inspiration.

Besides English as the common language, our webinars will also be delivered in Italian, German, Spanish, Romanian and Estonian for your further convenience. You can follow them in your own time and there will be animated training videos for all webinars covering the takeaway points in each of them!

What will we offer?

The training webinars cover a total of 7 topics. They are:

  • Easy ways to exploit creativity and digitalise your business
  • How to start a creative project
  • How to create a digital service
  • The incubation of ideas
  • Validation and evaluation of creative ideas
  • The importance of soft skills in creative industries in the digital era
  • Ideas presentation


Are you intrigued by any topic above? Here is also a sneak peek at some of the fascinating contents you can find in the training:

In the webinar – How to start a creative project, we will introduce the Creative Project Canvas to you, which is a key reflective strategic management and entrepreneurial tool to make your business idea become living projects. It consists of 4 parts covering 9 themes to help you visualize the main aspects of your project as well as 4 steps to reflect and implement the creative process. You will also be equipped with 5 golden rules to pitch your ideas.

Another webinar – How to create a digital service will guide you how to utilize design thinking into the digitization process in your business. We believe that “Design thinking helps people not only design the right things but also design things right”. As it is essential to consider things from the point of view of your target audience as well as their human behaviors and design the products based on these results. Along with design thinking, using journey mapping to understand the steps the target audiences take will also be discussed during our webinar.

More details in the coming weeks – and the webinars will be available in January 2023. In the meantime check out our teaser of the first webinar – Easy ways to exploit creativity and digitalise your business – HERE!

We look forward to meeting you on the way!

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